Expert System

Organisation description:

Expert System (ES) was founded in Modena (Italy) on 1989. The permanent staff of the company is currently composed of 115 professionals.
Developed by a team of professional linguists, programmers and language engineers, Expert System’s platform understands the semantic aspects of data and provides a conceptual representation of the meanings. Semantic analysis supports final users managing Big Unstructured Data for Open Source Intelligence. Expert System technology overcomes the limits of conventional technology, providing greater efficiency in the management of the exponential information volumes available today and more effective complex and integrated IT solutions addressing critical areas such as information management and collaboration, business intelligence, product development and customer relationship management.
COGITO® manages most common standards for importing and mapping available customer ontologies in order to facilitate interoperability (transfer and normalisation tasks).


Contribution to OptEEmAL:

WP5 "Platform design, modules and tools interoperability and final deployment" is the main task where ES operates developing a platform to collect and analyse data. This platform will be an effective service that will provide integrated communication among all components and partners.


Contact persons:

Gianluca Mameli
Phone: +39 0464 443300
Role in the project: Main technical contact

Barbara Catozzi
Phone: +39 059 894011
Role in the project: Main administrative contact

Filippo Nardelli
Phone: +39 0464 443300
Role in the project: Supervisor