The Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform will create the possibility for stakeholders to receive an optimised, integrated and systemic design for their retrofitting projects of buildings or entire districts.

This leads to impacts on different levels:

  • Economic impact through the reduction of costs during the design phase by 19% compared to business-as-usual. The costs of the operational phase are reduced by 25% by promoting holistic solutions, leading to a higher Return on Investment.
  • Increase of market competitiveness through the utilisation of energy efficient solutions in a holistic integration and the improvement of the contractual processes.
  • Growth of the European construction sector through the creation of new jobs and strengthening SMEs in the sector.
  • Social impacts by the involvement of inhabitants in the decision making process. This ensures that their expectations are met, increases user acceptance of the activities carried out and will finally lead to an improvement of social wellbeing.
  • Fostering the dissemination of the new knowledge at professional level through specific information channels and actions targeting the relevant stakeholder groups.