5th OptEEmAL newsletter published

The 5th OptEEmAL newsletter is now published. Since last August we have worked on the development and integration of existing and new functional modules that are part of the OptEEmAL platform. During project and technical meetings partners discussed functionalities, design, and integration testing. Testing is in full progress and once this phase has been concluded, we will move on the presentation of the platfrom prototype and to the project pilots in which the platform will be tested in real district in different parts of Europe.

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Based on a Multi-Objective Harmony Search (MOHS) algorithm, the Optimisation Module will automate the decision making process to obtain the optimal retrofitting scenario

15.02.2018 – On top of feeding inputs from the end user to define the contextual situation, modelling the baseline situation of buildings, and defining retrofitting objectives, a main breakthrough for OptEEmAL is the integration of its Optimisation Module, which can automatically obtain the best set of retrofitting scenarios considering both, end users’ priorities and all the potential strategies that could be implemented in the evaluated district. Our partners from TECNALIA, experts in Energy and ICT research, can help us understand the relevance of this module for our platform.

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Upcoming events

6th International Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair (ICSG 2018)

A leading international event on smart grids and smart cities

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Innovative City 2018

Innovation for better life and smart business

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OptEEmAL Flyer (PDF, 1 MB)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680676.