3rd OptEEmAL newsletter published

13.03.2017 – The 3rd OptEEmAL newsletter is now published. The focus of the third edition of the newsletter is on three fundamental aspects of OptEEmAL: the direct involvement of the end-users in the development process of the platform, the IPD approach as cornerstone of the OptEEmAL platform definition and the integrated ontology-based District Data Model (DDM) as the vehicle to solve the "Tower of Babel" of the complex refurbishment projects.

We also continue presenting you our project team, highlighting this time three more partners as we started doing in the last newsletter. Also, some past and upcoming events where OptEEmAL will be presented have been selected.

You can find the newsletter under the following link: http://123050.seu2.cleverreach.com/m/10363093/926326-c65b649983b22494a335532dcb93a244